Sean Finnegan is a high-functioning sack of sapient flesh, consisting mostly of complex proteins and water. He was born in 1992 – on time and under budget – in Sydney, Australia, and currently resides in Bristol.

Sean enjoys programming, art, and politics, and trying to find ways to ramble about all three of those things whenever he can. He is almost always incorrect, but that never stops him having an opinion.

All thoughts, statements and opinions found herein are entirely that of a CIA chip implanted in Sean’s head in 1998 during a particularly unpleasant dentist’s visit, and do not reflect the opinions of whoever is currently foolish enough to fund his cryptocurrency habit.

Sean got his start with a 4 year stretch of programming Hurtworld, a first-person online survival game built with Unity3D and programmed in C# (Mono). It did pretty well, mostly because you could run it on a potato.

Sean then went travelling for a year or so, buying a van and driving around South America. Check out some photos here. He had a nice time, even in the bits where he almost died.

As of 2019, Sean is helping to build the PS5 for Sony, so if it ends up being shite you can blame him.

Sean is trying to make something beautiful. If you think you can help, or need help yourself, contact him via email.


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