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Mad Maps: A Non-Destructive Terrain Pipeline for Unity

There are so many powerful terrain tools out there, but too often you will find yourself having to choose between procedural generation and a hand-crafted touch. For most terrain assets out there, adding polish means that your pipeline become destructive. If you need to go back and alter procedural elements, you will lose all polish work you have done. And what if one asset does one thing well, but not another? How can you combine the results from multiple sources?

Mad Maps is a powerful, integrated collection of tools to solve all of your Unity terrain pipeline needs. It is an effort to build a terrain pipeline that is non-destructive, extensible, flexible, fast and modular. It’s been battle-tested for the past 2 years in a professional studio environment, used for creating massive open world levels. It can be integrated with existing procedural solutions, allow you to split complex levels up into manageable chunks, and easily modify and reuse areas of a world.

Check out some overview videos below:

This is currently making its way to the Unity Asset Store. Stay tuned!

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